You can donate directly to your team or team of choice by clicking on the Team's home page. Every donation goes towards our Child Advocacy program at the Greater Reading Mental Health Alliance to help children with mental illness receive the education they deserve. 
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Anxiety Warriors " We are walking for those who struggle with all types of mental illnesses. We are here for you! "

Team Members

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    Valerie Weaver


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    Melinda Russell


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    Barbara Snyder


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    Greg Knabb


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    Taunia Hubler


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We are a team of strong-willed and strong-minded anxiety warriors.  We have all suffered with anxiety.  We are now taking back the power from the anxiety.  Watch out anxiety, we are not going to let you keep us down anymore.  Join us June 10 to stomp out the stigma and stomp out anxiety.  No one should suffer in fear, alone or in silence.  We are walking for those who feel like there is no hope.  We are here for you!   


Recent Contributors

Sandy Valgus Amount: $ 25 Date Received: 06/6/2018
Karen Collins Amount: $ 20 Date Received: 06/6/2018
"Good Luck Jenny!"
Diana Hower Amount: $ 5 Date Received: 06/6/2018
"Good Luck Jenny!"
Mary Sandt Date Received: 06/5/2018
"Great cause! Have fun Jenny and good luck!"
Jacqueline Hertzog Amount: $ 27.11 Date Received: 06/5/2018
"You go Jenny!"
PAMELA MICHAELAN Date Received: 06/5/2018
"way to go and good luck, Jenny!"
Shirl Malota Amount: $ 11.31 Date Received: 06/5/2018
"Way to go Sis!!!!!! 👍💝😎"
Greta Dolinski Amount: $ 25 Date Received: 06/5/2018
"Good Luck Anxiety Warriors!"
Ed Elko Amount: $ 27.11 Date Received: 06/1/2018
"way to go Jenny!"
Jenny Palmer Amount: $ 25 Date Received: 05/30/2018
Rick Belinda Amount: $ 27.11 Date Received: 05/30/2018
"Great Cause - Proud of you Sis!"
Jenny Ritner Amount: $ 50 Date Received: 05/30/2018
"Go Jenny Go!"
Dieter Czerny Amount: $ 27.11 Date Received: 05/30/2018
"Way to go Jenny!"
George Krell Amount: $ 11.31 Date Received: 05/1/2018
Sean Miller Amount: $ 10 Date Received: 06/7/2018
Shelley Smith Amount: $ 5 Date Received: 06/7/2018
Eddie Negron Jr. Amount: $ 5 Date Received: 06/7/2018
Jodi Scheib Amount: $ 6.05 Date Received: 06/4/2018
"My boyfriend and I both suffer from mental illness and we are honored to have Cheri Burkert as our friend. She is an awesome person and a HUGE asset to the Greater Reading Mental Health Alliance. "
Paul Schuler Amount: $ 10 Date Received: 06/1/2018
Cheri Burkert Amount: $ 11.31 Date Received: 03/31/2018
"I am so honored to work for the Greater Reading Mental Alliance. I am walking this year with Team Anxiety Warriors. Please join the team and help support mental wellness"
Rachel Magrowski Amount: $ 26.06 Date Received: 06/10/2018
Rebecca Deisher Amount: $ 14 Date Received: 06/10/2018
Mike Barnett Amount: $ 21.84 Date Received: 06/9/2018
Natasha Munoz Amount: $ 42.9 Date Received: 06/9/2018
Sierra Baller Amount: $ 1.84 Date Received: 06/8/2018
Natasha Munoz Amount: $ 27.11 Date Received: 06/8/2018
Lisa Ianni Amount: $ 53.42 Date Received: 06/9/2018
"Break the Silence and bring Hope to all who believe they are alone. "
Denise Ianni Amount: $ 53.42 Date Received: 06/9/2018
"Awesome job Dawn and team! Break the silence."
Jason Dimitrov Amount: $ 21.84 Date Received: 06/9/2018
"Thanks for leading the anxiety support group, much appreciated"
Brentwood Industries Amount: $ 100 Date Received: 06/8/2018
"Good Luck!"
Alice Adversting Amount: $ 50 Date Received: 06/8/2018
"Awesome Job Dawn!"
David Serafin Date Received: 06/7/2018
Sherry Babczak Date Received: 06/7/2018
"Good Luck Dawn"
Donna & Brian Nugent Amount: $ 500 Date Received: 06/7/2018
"Good Luck Dawn!"
Boscov's Women Department Amount: $ 90 Date Received: 06/7/2018
"Good Luck!"
Steve Salamone Date Received: 06/6/2018
"Good Luck!"
Gabriele Petrillo Amount: $ 27.11 Date Received: 06/6/2018
"Mental Health is so important! Good Luck! "
Anthony Marasco Amount: $ 10 Date Received: 06/6/2018
Joanne Harmelin Amount: $ 211.32 Date Received: 06/5/2018
"Good luck with the walk! Harmelin Media"
The Marasco Family Amount: $ 10 Date Received: 06/5/2018
"Good Luck Dawn!"
Robert & Mary Young Amount: $ 20 Date Received: 06/5/2018
Ed McKeaney Amount: $ 20 Date Received: 06/5/2018
Christine Brown Amount: $ 21.84 Date Received: 06/3/2018
Darlene Darlene Amount: $ 106.05 Date Received: 06/1/2018
"Hope you reach your goal Dawn. Good luck!"
Melissa Himmelberger Amount: $ 106.05 Date Received: 04/27/2018
"Best of Luck"
Karen Goodrich Amount: $ 100 Date Received: 04/25/2018
"Shear Spirit Salon is extremely supportive of the cause, best of luck!"
Sandy Russo Amount: $ 100 Date Received: 04/24/2018
"Best of Luck!"
Dawn Jones-McFadden Amount: $ 106.05 Date Received: 04/12/2018
"Dawn of a New Day - Anxiety Support Group Members - This is for you. You make it all worth it. I adore each and every one of you! Thank you for your support. Be good to yourself! Love, Dawn "
Kim Evans Date Received: 04/4/2018
"Kim & Bella are proud of all you do to help others!!"
Martha Fritz Amount: $ 20 Date Received: 03/19/2018
"Pleased to help the walk for mental wellness"
Boscov's Amount: $ 50 Date Received: 03/19/2018
"Good Luck!"
Brentwood Industries Amount: $ 163 Date Received: 03/9/2018
"Happy to be able to contribute to such an amazing cause!"
Anonymous Amount: $ 106.05 Date Received: 03/3/2018
Pete Gustis Amount: $ 50 Date Received: 02/28/2018
"Good Luck"
Ditlef Wergeland Date Received: 02/18/2018
Robert Parker Amount: $ 53.42 Date Received: 02/15/2018
"Senior Buyer For Boscov's Comfort & Walking Shoes"
DBLW Inc D/b/a J & D Wagner Draft Service Darryl & Beth Wagner Date Received: 02/12/2018