You can donate directly to your team or team of choice by clicking on the Team's home page. Every donation goes towards our Child Advocacy program at the Greater Reading Mental Health Alliance to help children with mental illness receive the education they deserve. 
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Anxiety Warriors " We are walking for those who struggle with all types of mental illnesses. We are here for you! "

Team Members

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    Valerie Weaver


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    Melinda Russell


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    Barbara Snyder


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    Greg Knabb


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    Taunia Hubler


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We are a team of strong-willed and strong-minded anxiety warriors.  We have all suffered with anxiety.  We are now taking back the power from the anxiety.  Watch out anxiety, we are not going to let you keep us down anymore.  Join us June 10 to stomp out the stigma and stomp out anxiety.  No one should suffer in fear, alone or in silence.  We are walking for those who feel like there is no hope.  We are here for you!